Understanding incident intake portals for claims management systems


Incident intake portals work in conjunction with claims management software or workers comp claims management software. Incident intake portals are used by supervisors in the workplace to start the process of reporting an incident or claim. This includes workplace accidents that may become workers compensation claims, or property incidents that may become insurance claims.  Incident intake portals can be accessed remotely, allowing for an incident to be reported directly from the place of an accident on a Notebook, iPad, or mobile phone.

An effective incident portal immediately alerts the appropriate users immediately upon the filing of the incident or claim. The core users are defined within each organization, and they can accept or deny the incident or claim.  The Recordables incident portal records dates and workflows associated with claim processing so that accurate records are always available. If an incident or claim is not acted upon within 24 hours, the system alerts the core user again and can escalate the incident so it can be processed.

One of the reasons incident intake portals are practical tools is because supervisors are often at or near the site of an accident, and incident intake portals can be accessed via mobile technology. The incident intake portal allows the details of the accidents including pictures to be identified and recorded early in the process, allowing for faster and more efficient claims reporting.

Another advantage of using an incident intake portal in conjunction with claims management software is that it allows other departments working on claims to access the same information as is needed, with varying levels of access available to allow for efficient management of claims.

Incident portals play an important part in the early reporting of claims. This provides benefits to organizations, as early reporting can reduce the financial impact of a workers comp or liability insurance claim. Since the advent of Covid in 2020, many case managers and claims adjusters have changed the way accidents are managed by a third party. The evolving process of managing accidents and increased employee turnover since the pandemic can increase the cost of claims. Tools that allow for early recording and resolution can provide a financial benefit.

Early intervention using tools such as an incident intake portal and proactive safety programs associated with claims management systems allow organizations to identify and mitigate risk, reducing costs and accidents which improves health, safety, and the bottom line.

Paul Kofman is President of Recordables. He has been providing software solutions in the area of Risk Management, Claims Management, Disability Management, Safety and Occupational for more than 25 years.

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