About Recordables

As a RMIS software vendor Recordables provides risk management software solutions to insurance companies, risk pools and all types of organizations. For more than 25 years Recordables has helped private firms, government agencies, risk pools and insurance carriers to manage their insurance claims process through our RMIS software. Recordables clients range from small businesses to insurance companies.

Recordables is committed to providing best-in-class risk management software to meet the needs of our clients. Clients continue to work with Recordables because of the ease of use of the RMIS software, the ability to grow with your needs, and network security, and commitment to supporting our clients through upgrades and support that are included with the software.

Risk Management Software from Recordables

Recordables develops and supports state of the art risk management software solutions in the areas of claims management, OSHA reporting, occupational safety and health, workers’ comp, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), liability claims, and insurance certificate management. Recordables has a proven track record for delivering software that is easy to use, secure, and scalable.

Each risk management software solution from Recordables can be used as a stand-alone application or as part of a comprehensive RMIS solution that seamlessly integrates with each other.

The RMIS software applications developed by Recordables are updated based upon user input and requests, and software updates are included with each software license.

Recordables RMIS Software developers

Recordables software programmers have extensive experience designing, implementing, and supporting RMIS software programs for all types of organizations, risk pools and insurance carriers. With many decades of experience in providing RMIS software, our U.S.-based developers are able to provide solutions that meet the needs of businesses, governments, and nonprofits.

Cloud-based RMIS software

Recordables develops and provides Risk Management software solutions using a SaaS, Software as a Service model which is also commonly referred to as subscription based RMIS software or cloud-based Risk Management Software. Recordables provides all hosting and services associated with the software, with the only thing required for clients is a connection to the Internet. Recordables follows security and reliability best practices, partnering with best-in-class providers of secure cloud-based infrastructure. Partners include Rackspace and AWS, which provides the ability to offer an array of options for both disaster recovery and monitoring 24 hour per day, every day of the year.

Who uses Recordables RMIS Software

Recordables RMIS software is primarily used by employers who process as little as 25 claims per year to many thousands of claims annually. This includes small and mid-size businesses, government agencies, risk pools and insurance carriers.  The flexible design of Recordables Risk Management Software allows it to be configured to the specific needs of each organization.

Types of RMIS Software Available

Recordables offers RMIS software that meets all insurance claims management tracking needs across an organization, including:

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About Recordables

Recordables RMIS Software

For more than 25 years organizations have trusted Recordables to provide comprehensive, easy-to use Risk Management Software. Recordables provides easy-to-use RMIS software. Our tools meet a variety of needs relating to insurance, including:

  • Improving the efficiency of the insurance claims process
  • Tracking workers’ compensation claims
  • Managing insurance certificates
  • Tracking FMLA leave and medical leave
  • Understanding patterns across claims to reduce risk

Your data is secure

All Recordables applications meet or exceed established standards for network security and regulatory compliance. Learn more about our network security.

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