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Risk Management Claims Software

Recordables provides risk management claims software to insurance companies, risk pools and a wide range of companies and organizations. Recordables is a trusted risk management claims software company that has been providing risk management claims solutions for nearly three decades including workers compensation software, FMLA tracking software, liability claims management solutions, and certificate of insurance tracking software.

Risk Management Claims Software for Insurance Companies, Businesses and Organizations

Risk management claims software from Recordables provides solutions for all risk management and claims management needs, including:

Why Organizations Choose Risk Management Claims Software from Recordables

Those responsible for reporting and tracking insurance claims trust Recordables risk management claims software for its ease of use, comprehensive capabilities, and support and development based in the U.S.A. Some of the benefits of Recordables risk management software include:

Simplified insurance claims reporting:
Recordables risk management claims software makes is simple for claims to be initiated remotely from anywhere by any employee you authorize using mobile reporting capabilities.

Easy to of Use Risk Management Claims Software:
Recordables risk management software is intuitive and allows organizations to improve efficiency right away.

Support for your Risk Management Claims Software:
Recordables customers can reach our U.S. based support professionals who are experts in insurance reporting workflows as well as our software tools.

Risk Management Claims Software includes maintenance and updates:
Recordables risk management claims software is an affordable, budget-friendly risk management solution that includes maintenance and upgrades within the cost. There are no surprise fees or additional charges, making sure your software is current and supported.

Eliminate duplication and reduce insurance data-entry mistakes:
Once data is entered into Recordables Risk Management Claims software it is automatically available across all necessary forms and reporting, eliminating duplicate data entry.

Secure cloud-based Risk Management Claims software:
Keeping Risk Management Claims data secure is a top priority, and Recordables risk management claims software uses secure servers and data transmission protocols to make certain data is only available to authorized users.

More than 25 years of Risk Management Claims Software experience:
For nearly 3 decades, Recordables has been providing risk management claims software solutions to insurance companies, risk pools and all types of organizations. This experience is key to our many satisfied customers.

US based Risk Management Claims Software Vendor:
The programmers and personnel for Recordables are located within the continental United States and are involved with all aspects of the risk management claims software, support, and service.

Risk Management Dashboards

Recordables provides risk management dashboards. These include actionable information about liability and workers’ compensation claims. The risk management dashboards offer drill-down capabilities, allowing access to multiple levels of data, from a high level overview of all claims, to detailed information about specific claims. Risk management dashboards are available as part of Recordables risk management claims software.

Claims Management Dashboard 1
Claims Management Dashboard 2
Claims Management Dashbaord 3

Recordables Risk Management Claims Software Includes

Risk Management claims software is suitable for businesses, public sector entities, insurance companies and risk pools that need to better organize and manage claims. The software provides comprehensive solutions in numerous areas including workers’ compensation, safety, liability and disability management.


Recordables specializes in risk management claims software for small to medium employers with a focus on client retention. All software is built with a focus on ease of use, scalability and network security.  Recordables RMIS software features a flexible design that allows the software to be configured to meet the needs of each organization.

Risk Management Claims Software Solutions from Recordables

Risk management claims software from Recordables provides solutions for all risk management and claims management needs, including:

•   Claims Management
•   Risk Managemen1
•   Compliance Tracking and Reporting
•   Incident Reporting
•   Workers’ Compensation Claims
•   Safety & Occupational Health
•   Case Management
•   Family Medical Leave Act
•   Short Term Disability
•   Long Term Disability
•   Reporting Analytics, trends, modeling and more
•   Incoming Certificate Management

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