Liability claims management software solutions: TrackAbility ®

Liability claims management software solutions from Recordables. Software solutions to improve claims management including General Liability, Auto, Property, Incidents, and more.

Liability claims management software solutions

Recordables Liability insurance tracking software organizes incidents and claims that include auto, property, and general liability policies.

Benefits of Recordables liability claims management software solutions

Tracking all liability and risk incidents and claims, TrackAbility provides comprehensive liability claims tracking software solutions Benefits of TrackAbility liability claims management include:

  • Start to finish injury liability claims management from incident through completion.
  • Create customizable liability claim types with user-selectable criteria.
  • Comprehensive claims management: Enter claims from anywhere on any device using the Recordables incident portal. In less than 30 seconds a customized incident form tailored to your organization can be completed and sent to managers and adjusters.
  • Safety professionals and field users can collaborate on claims and reports, continuing to add pictures and videos for incidents or claims.
  • Receive a holistic view of financial data necessary for claims management, such as payments and losses based upon individuals, locations, policy specifications, and other data.
  • Claims management  linking between programs ties together multiple liability claim types and injuries.
  • Customizable fields and permissions enable adding and removing fields for specific users and roles across liability policies.
  • Benefit from predictive analysis based upon past claims and incident data. Using modeling, patterns, and trends TrackAnalysis identifies risks and patterns. Gain recommendations through analysis of past data, helping provide data for better decision making and reducing future liability claims.
  • Keep track of your liability policy limits with alerts when reaching limits.
  • Track liability insurance litigation, witnesses, defendants as well as plaintiff and defense attorneys.
  • Flexible liability claims management solutions allow organizations to customize claim types and selection options without limits.

Truck Crash in Background with Recordables Claims Management Software

Reporting an incident made easy with Recordables’ Incident Portal

About Liability Claims Management Solutions from Recordables

For more than 25 years TrackComp has been a trusted claims management software solution for helping organizations manage their risk management and insurance claims. Risk and claims managers benefit from comprehensive capabilities to achieve quick, accurate, compliant, and compatible data recording, tracking, and reporting. TrackAbility Liability Claims Management Software from Recordables includes:

  • Liability Claims Management Dashboards can be easily created to view real-time claims metrics with exporting capabilities designed to be shared with groups or individual users. Using widgets, claims management dashboards can be customized to meet the needs of each user.
  • Identify and track patterns of accidents using powerful heat maps with drill-down capabilities that can include GPS coordinates.
  • Reduce future liability claims by leveraging predictive analytics designed with TrackAnalysis to take data, history, trends, and patterns to make predictions and intuitively guide user through cost saving measures through our unique algorithms, predictive modeling, and data analysis.
  • Easily customize liability claims reports to get the data you need with the ad hoc report writer. Produce an infinite number of reports which can help risk managers, claims managers and safety personnel.
  • Easy to use automation with the unique Recordables Query, a short wizard-driven approach that makes data accessible to all levels of users. Liability claims reports can then be automated, integrated with email, or exported to any of 15 different formats.
  • Liability claims reporting is made easy with customizable fields and tables that can be arranged in a logical order by the user to add an infinite number of fields for reporting. Fields can include text or pull down menus to create consistency in reporting.

Liability Claims Predictive Analysis

Using Recordables unique predictive analytics you can anticipate liability claims based upon prior activity by leveraging risk prediction algorithms. This makes it possible to reduce risk by identifying and predicting liability claims before they occur.

Liability Claims Trend Analysis

Gain a clear understanding of liability insurance claims across your organization through comprehensive tracking of all liability claims. Easily monitor and track all liability claims in a single, unified system, easily identifying liability claim trends.

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Complete Liability Claims Management Software Solutions

Complete liability claims management software solutions allow you to track claims across all liability insurance policies, including auto, property, and general liability. Claims can be linked across various policies, providing a comprehensive view into all insurance related activities. Using the incident portal, claims for various policies can be initiated from anywhere on mobile or desktop devices, and routed to adjusters and managers.

Your liability claims management data is secure

All Recordables liability claims management software solutions meet or exceed established standards for network security and regulatory compliance. Learn more about our network security.

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