Client Reviews of Recordables Software Solutions

I have been using many different types of Workers’ Comp software in my role and I must say that TrackComp is one of the best. It is very easy to navigate around and user friendly. I give TrackComp five stars because of the quality and service. I am able to run my OSHA Logs in a matter of seconds. The Claims Overview screen is wonderful and I was able to have columns added that suited my purpose. The President is also right on when it comes to service. If I have a problem, question or suggestion he calls me very promptly and handles it. I have never had the customer service with any other software company like this. They treat you as if you are their only customer.

Insurance and Safety Specialist
City of Rock-Hill

Recordables has been a valuable partner of the City of Elgin since 2002. I use TrackComp frequently to track workers’ compensation claims data, create forms for the State of Illinois and prepare annual OSHA reports. The claims management software is straightforward and easy to operate and it offers many time saving features. The Recordables team is dedicated to providing excellent service and value to their customers.

Risk Management Assistant
City of Elgin

For over a decade, Recordables has been supporting the City’s needs for Workers’ compensation and liability claims. TrackComp & TrackAbility provides ways to categorize, track and report on employee workers compensation and liability claims and CertAdvisor is used for tracking and managing certificate of insurance. In addition, Recordables has supported the integration of other systems as well. Recordables is a five star company with exceptional customer service and support.

I.T. Analyst
Large City Government in North Carolina

We have used Recordables claims software, Trackability, for 19 years, starting in 2003 across three entities. The program supports our existing structure and allows us to add additional entities through an easy and seamless process. Thanks to on-going support and customer service provided by Paul Kofman and his team.

The claims management software system allows for continued updates of both new and legacy claims via detailed reporting of claims by status including all claims, open claims, and closed claims. Reports are generated for each of the companies, allowing us to update our excess insurance carrier, our broker, legal, and our accounting staff.

Claims Manager
Large Fleet Management System

We have had the pleasure of working with Recordables TrackComp and TrackAbility claims systems since 2012.  During the past decade, our pool, as well as the industry in general, has seen many changes and challenges.  In every situation Recordables has always responded quickly and their willingness to modify or adapt their systems to whatever presents itself is unsurpassed. 

Director of Information Technology
Large public entity self-insurance pool in Texas