Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software: CertAdvisor®

Manage and track incoming certificates of insurance with certificate of insurance tracking software.

Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software

Certificate of insurance tracking software helps to manage insurance certificates to avoid lapses in coverage or expirations. CertAdvisor is available as a stand-alone insurance certificate management program or as part of Recordables comprehensive RMIS software solution.

Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software benefits

Risk managers benefit from comprehensive certificate of insurance software tracking for reporting and monitoring all incoming insurance certificates for vendors, contractors, partners as well as internal certificates.

  • Receive notifications and reminders for insurance certificates nearing expiration.
  • Track certificates for multiple insurance types across an entire organization.
  • Track an unlimited number of vendors.
  • Track limit of liability compliance.
  • Automate and customize form letters and emails.
  • Notify internal departments of vendor insurance certificate deficiencies
  • Vendor notification log tracks notices sent to vendors to maintain compliance.
  • Electronically store insurance certificates and other related documents.
  • Record notes to maintain additional information regarding each certificate or vendor.

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Insurance Certificate Managment

Easily Track Insurance Certificates

Monitor and track insurance certificates from contractors and vendors with insurance certificate tracking software from Recordables. Confirm compliance across all vendors and policies, and reduce time requesting certificates with automated insurance certificate tracking processes.

Your insurance certificate tracking software data is secure

All Recordables insurance certificate tracking software applications meet or exceed established standards for network security and regulatory compliance. Learn more about our network security.

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